London escortsThere’s a price to pay if you’re planning on picking up girls in a coffee shop. And we’re not talking about the cost of a latte in Cafe Nero or Costa Coffee! The price of coffee is ridiculous to say the very least, we’re sure you’ll agree!

No, the cost comes from your self-esteem. Doing this sort of thing in a coffee shop can bring you a lot of knock backs. This can turn an ordinarily confident man into a mouse, or practically destroy a man with no confidence at all!

Take some tips from London escorts

It’s worth pointing out that London escorts get hit on all the time. Some would have you believe that they never go out, and that they simply sit in their apartments all day waiting for the phone to ring. It’s actually better for an outcall London escort (like the ones we represent) to be out and about already, when you think about it. This is particularly so if we’re talking about a well organised escort. Meaning those that have all the necessaries with them most of the time of course! And most of the time they’ll be hanging around in Central London, where their calls are likely to be anyway!


So what advice would they give you? Other than “forget it and book a London escort!” They would tell you to go for it. In our experience, it’s times like this that are actually perfect for approaching women; especially if they’re alone. And that’s not meant in a predatory sense, we hope you understand. No, it’s about them being calm, receptive and perhaps even subconsciously inviting attention from men. Now, how to go about it?

Good openers

If you use some of the following openers, you’ll at least get an instant idea about whether or not she’s into you or not, and whether she is going to mind too much if you bother her morning coffee. If she doesn’t sound too responsive, apologise for intruding and leave with some dignity.

  • “That looks interesting.” Use this is she has books and papers all over the table etc.
  • “What are you reading?” Obviously if she is indeed reading!
  • “It’s quiet/busy today.”
  • “You’re a new face, I haven’t seen you here before.”
  • “Do you know where the toilets are?” Obviously not if you can clearly see them.
  • “I like your coat/hat/gloves/shoes.” This one is a bit tricky. Try not to come across like some kind of fetishist!


Whilst you try these things out, make sure you smile as much as you can. Not in a crazy way! You’ll appear much less intimidating and more inviting if you look genuinely happy.

Go home and book London escorts

If all else fails, go home and try again another day. But there’s no reason to go without the female contact you crave, and indeed need! Book one of our lovely London escorts to come around to your place and keep you company. You can even try out some of those lines on her and see if she likes them!