escortsThose of you who already know us well at Allstars probably won’t need to read this article. The fact is that we never have a problem when it comes to Christmas opening hours, simply because we’re always open! You might find our receptionist with a mouthful of turkey when she answers the phone, but she’ll still take your booking on Christmas Day! Good news for all the lonely boys out there. Just remember that our escorts are also lonely. If you were available for bookings on Christmas Day, you’d be a lonely person too right?

Girls going home

Not that the girls don’t have homes to go to overseas of course, they may have just decided that they’d rather stay here in London. Plenty for a young single woman to do in London at Christmas. She may well just fancy plenty of male company at this time of year. And who could blame her if she’s getting paid for it too! Not a bad career choice for an insatiable woman really is it?

There is one thing you need to be aware of at Christmas time. Some of the girls do actually go home and sadly we are unable to update the website every single time one of them disappears on us. This means that you may experience some disappointment when you call, if you pick a girl who has recently gone back home for a visit. It’s a good idea to choose a few girls before you call, so if one isn’t available, another may be. Then give our receptionist time to find out for you. Do yourself a favour and make sure that you choose girls you are equally attracted to, this way you won’t be as disappointed if one of them isn’t available.

24 hours a day escorts

You may think that you’ll get through Christmas without requiring the company of one of our escorts. This is fine of course. Go ahead and test yourself! Just remember that if you fail miserably and you get lonely at 3.00am on Boxing Day morning, we’ll probably be the only escort agency open at that time!