London escortWe heard a very quotable line in one of our favourite TV shows the other day, and we thought we’d share it with you. We’re sharing it because it’s quite pertinent to our business. It goes like this:

…the world we live in is so often too complicated for the rules we make to keep it orderley…

Now, how it’s pertinent to our business is quite simple really. Let’s think about the London escort community in general. No, actually, let’s talk about escorting in a global scale. Agencies such as our are actually illegal in places like France would you believe? Funny when you consider that international agencies represent escorts in cities like Paris we know! But do you see where we’re going with this? It’s like the laws on prostitution really too. It’s so hard to keep up. Prostitution is legal, but control of said industry is not. Makes sense to us. But in some places in the world it’s legal to be a prostitute, but it’s illegal for a man to pay a prostitute! Makes no sense at all.

The world we live in

So this statement that we mentioned earlier made us think, because the world we live in really is too complicated to have a “catch all” simplistic set of rules. The way the world is to each individual is highly subjective and it’s not really fair to impose these rules on those who don’t necessarily agree with them. There are some that would see the London escort business destroyed and banned, but then these are not the ones enjoying themselves indulging in it, or working within it.


What is orderly anyway? It’s just an idea surely? Whenever order is established in any one area (including the London escort industry), there are those that get around that “order” by bending the rules. And so many people are doing it that it becomes impossible to police anyway. Take the French escorting community for a prime example. It’s there, larger than life, and it’s notoriously difficult to do anything about it. It’s the same with prostitution all over the world too. Women will always seek this employment option because it’s something they can do easily, enjoy and make lots of money doing also.

Don’t worry about the London escort business

You needn’t worry about the London escort industry however, it’s alive and well and perfectly legal. Agencies such as ours are only offering to arrange meetings with these girls anyway, and we don’t really care to know what you get up to, only whether you are happy with our service or not really.

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