new London escortsIn case you weren’t away, we have a number of new London escorts at Allstars. And these girls are sure to be real stars! We would like to take a moment to introduce them to you today, and indeed encourage you to book them. Make sure you pay particular attention to their rates. Since the rates system changed, some of you have been a little confused, but you really needn’t be. It’s all written there in black and white on every girl’s profile page. If you want the best deal, make sure you book these new London escorts at the right time, and book them as far in advance as you can!

The new London escorts

We won’t litter this blog article with pictures, there simply isn’t room, but if you click these names you’ll be taken straight to their the girl’s profile where you can see as many pictures as we have for her.

  1. dark haired Russian escortVivian is a Slovakian wild child that’s very keen to get going with Allstars. She’s a very sexy looking, black haired woman who looks surprisingly young for her age (she’s 32!) She is fit, charming and speaks English and Russian.
  2. Johanna is a German sweetheart, 24 years old, and every bit as experienced as you would expect a professional German escort to be! Now she’s in London, she’s hoping to spread some of her love and attention to all you English gents out there. One of our finest new London escorts.
  3. Anissa is a busty, mature London escort, originally from Latvia. She’s very experienced at the age of 35, but looks fantastic! She keeps herself very fit (pictured at the top of the page) She speaks fluent Russian, French and conversational English.
  4. Olga is a very fit and young, 20 year-old Russian. She has beautiful long black hair and a perfectly formed, slim body. Tall and very sensual (pictured above here!)
  5. Ivetta speaks English, French and Russian, all very well actually. This beautiful 25 year old stunner comes to us from Ukraine and she’s very happy to be here. Another of our fantastic new London escorts that we are sure will do very well indeed!

We hope you enjoy browsing our girls, and we hope you make your booking soon! We are always happy to help with any questions you might have. Don’t hesitate to call us!