London escortsIt’s all very well wanting an early morning booking, but there are some things you need to realise about our London escort before you attempt such a thing. Don’t worry, we’re not telling you that you can’t have an early morning booking, there are just a few things you need to do.

You see, London escorts by their very nature are nocturnal creatures. They do much of their work in the early hours of the morning and by the time they get to bed they’re very tired indeed. Obviously this means that they tend to sleep in during the morning. In most cases we’re lucky if we can get hold of a girl before midday. There are always exceptions to the rule of course. It also becomes very difficult to know precisely when some London escorts are working and what time. We don’t pester them with phonecalls every ten minutes until they get back to us, just to know their availability. We will usually contact them if and when they get a booking. It’s better this way because then when they do hear from us, they know it’s for a reason. Believe us when we tell you that the girls do not like to be pestered unnecessarily; and who could blame them? These are busy women!

How to get your early morning escort booking with London escorts

So, what you need to do is not call us at 08:00 we’ll probably be asleep too! The best thing to do (in fact the only thing to do) is to call us the night before, so there can be at least a little preparation. By preparation we mean, we can let the girl know you’re coming (if she agrees). This means she can decline her last late night / early hours booking, in favour of a good night’s sleep. Despite what you may believe, the girls are not greedy and they don’t see as many clients as humanly possible. Most have a limit on how many people they see anyway, just so they can stay fresh and ready for each. There is nothing worse than an exhausted and disinterested London escort.


We will call her the night before with your booking request and let you know whether or not she accepts. They you will be required to give us a quick message in the morning to confirm you are still going. Please try and stick to your booking, and at the correct time. As we have outlined here, we go to some efforts to get you the booking you want, and both us and the escort you have chosen will be mightily put out if you simply don’t bother to let us know what’s going on. Having said that, we realise that sometimes things happen that are beyond anyone’s control, so all we ask is for you to let us know at your first opportunity if you need to cancel.

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