London escortWe get literally no end of comments and questions about our London escort drivers. Whilst we understand most of the questions and the anxieties, and don’t let it bother us too much, we though it would be a good idea to attempt to resolve some of these FAQ’s, if you like.

London escort drivers are an incredibly talented and professional breed. In much the same way as so many girls seem born to the escort business, we think that being a driver for these girls is also something of calling. All the drivers we have working with us at the agency know London like the back of their hand. Either that, or they’re very good with satellite navigation and know just how to read the road and negotiate busy traffic. Most of them could probably, easily be cab drivers if they wanted to be.

Why they choose escorts

The most common reason these people choose to be London escort drivers is because they enjoy working what others would call “unsociable” hours. It’s not for everyone of course, but we can tell you that London in the middle of the night and the early hours of the morning is very different than any other time.

Another reason of course is that most of them more than likely enjoy driving beautiful women around town on a daily and nightly basis. After all, who wouldn’t want to drive a stunning young woman, all dressed up for a date, around London?

Your concerns

One of the main concerns we hear is that clients are worried that our London escort drivers will draw attention to themselves. This is simply not the case. To start with, they’re not going to pull up outside your house in “The Mystery Machine” from Scooby Doo! Our drivers all have regular, well maintained, road legal cars. They look just like anyone else, and they always behave discreetly. With the amount of uber drivers around the city these days, they look just like them really.

In fact, all they’re going to do is drop off the girl, remain in their car until they know all is well with the booking, and then clear off until they need to return. They will return when instructed. And they will not be hanging around where you live or where you are staying.

Your privacy is secure with our London escort drivers

Another concern that we sometimes hear is that clients worry about their privacy being at risk. Just what they believe our drivers are going to do, we can only imagine of course. Believe us when we tell you that our drivers really couldn’t care any less about you, or where you are staying. Not that they don’t care about their job of course, and they are very diligent indeed! But to them, your address is just one of many locations they’ll be doing drop offs and pick ups. It’s their job to get the girl to you and collect her again. That’s basically it and you should never actually even see them.

Always book with confidence from Allstars Escorts