incall London escortsIt’s time we told it like it was. There are loads of London escort agencies in our capital, but they’re not all they say they are. It’s all very well having an agency that can offer incall and outcall services, but if those services are substandard then it doesn’t make any difference does it? You can have all these features and options, but they’ve all got to be good.

Incall London escorts

There are incall girls out there that really shouldn’t be offering incall services to be honest. This is because they’re in dodgy areas if we’re telling the truth. Not Central London of course, there aren’t many dodgy areas here (well less at least). But when you start looking for incall London escorts in the Greater London area, you may find yourself turning up to some pretty rough looking apartments in areas where you may not feel safe parking your car

No-one wants to feel unsafe or even go to apartments that aren’t as classy as they’d like. Better to get an outcall!

Better to get an outcall

It is indeed better to get an outcall when it’s like this. Like we said, it’s not all as bad as this, but isn’t it better to get an outcall when you’re in the relative safety of your own home or hotel? This is the reason we only offer outcall services. The girls we have outside of Central London, do not have great apartments for incalls. They’re not too bad for sure, but we wouldn’t send our most discerning clients there for a booking. Until such a time as our girls have appropriate locations for incalls, we will never offer them. It’s as simple as that.

And we don’t want to go and recruit a load more different girls, simply because we have gotten very used to the girls we already have and we love working with them. And we know you love being with them.

So forget all about incall London escorts and get yourself an outcall from the most professional outcall agency in the city!