escortWhilst we operate an outcall only escort agency, for a number of practical and financial reasons, there are a number of things about incalls that make them undesirable for you, the client.


If you book an incall and travel to an escort’s apartment, you will always run the risk of bumping into someone you know; no matter how small the chance, it’s still a chance. This is especially so if you’re a local, or work in the area you’re visiting.

With an outcall, you get stay in your room. This allows you to maintain your anonymity and make your escort do all the work. And the great thing about Allstars Escorts is that you will get this outcall service at the same price as you would pay an incall escort. So why bother going out at all?


Not everywhere is friendly in London, especially not late at night. There are always undesirables hanging about here and there. So the last thing you is to be walking to an incall apartment with a couple of hundred in cash in your pocket; or perhaps more! You may be an easy target for anyone who decides to take advantage of your situation.


There’s always extra expense involved when you book an incall, to begin with. A cab ride isn’t cheap in London. Also if you’re not really a “people person” you may not want to take the tube either. On top of all this, England doesn’t have the best weather does it? In the summer it’s too damn hot and clammy for the underground, and in the winter, who wants to be trudging around London in the freezing cold?

Our girls have drivers

The escorts we represent don’t have these things to deal with of course, because they have drivers! They’ll be dropped off right outside your door, fresh and ready to entertain. So if they get all this, and they’re still cheaper than the average incall, why wouldn’t you book an outcall escort experience?