escortYou know what one of the hardest things is about booking an escort? Getting the right one for you. There are good escorts and then there are those escorts that are amazing, and seem to fit the person you are perfectly. It takes time to find one, we realise, but it’s really worth it.

You may even think that you’ve found one. If you really have then you’re a lucky man. Now all you need to do is keep booking her. And do you know why you need to do that? Not just the obvious answer, no. The fact is that if you keep booking her it’s only going to get better and better, the more you know each other. These girls remember their regulars very well indeed and they appreciate knowing what they like etc. It makes their job more enjoyable and somewhat easier if we’re honest. So why not make a monthly booking with Allstars Escorts?

Booking in advance

Another thing is that, if you do indeed book in advance because you know which night of the week you’re going to see an escort, you will be able to book at the cheaper price. If you notice, all the girls are cheaper if you book them in advance. They appreciate having a full calendar and knowing just where they’re going etc. There’s nothing better than knowing you’ve got a booking, believe us. It’s good for us too of course, we like to be organised. So why wouldn’t we reward you for your advance booking, by making it cheaper? Good for everyone!

If you’re not that well organised, you can still get the cheaper rate, but only if you give us a minimum of two hours notice. It’s still a rush around for some girls, depending on where they are in London, but it’s still much easier for everyone. We can get the drivers around to the right place etc. and get her to you as quickly as possible.