escortDon’t worry, it’s not real. You might think you’re in love with your London escort, but you really aren’t. This is the idea of our service of course. We provide you with arguably the most stimulating company you’ve ever had in your life, and you believe that you are indeed in love with her.

The trouble comes when you can’t switch off that emotion. If you can maintain the game whilst she’s with you, and then forget all about your feelings, once she has gone, you’re onto a winner. However, if you simply can’t get her off your mind and you believe that there could be a chance for the two of you to make a future together, you are seriously deluded. You have to get a grip, because it’s just not happening.

Your escort is not interested in a relationship

Let’s make this clear. Very clear. She’s not interested in a relationship of ANY kind at all. She has an escort career, and the chances are that she’s doing it because she bloody loves it! Why would she give up meeting different men all the time, being wined and dined and spoiled rotten, just to make a life with you? We are truly sorry if you find that hard to swallow, but it’s true.

It’s really best to just not pursue anything with the girls. You’ll only embarrass yourself, and probably them too. It’s hard for an escort to let down a client, but in this respect, she’d have to we’re afraid. There’s no getting around it.


You can however use her as practice for when you do meet the love of your life, in a realistic setting. Try out your chat up lines on her, try to make her laugh and entertain her as though you were trying to impress her into agreeing to a second date. You would be very surprised how many guys get along better in the real dating world once they have booked an escort for “rehearsal!”