escort for couplesToday we’re going to give you some advice about getting the other half to agree to booking an escort for couples. It’s never an easy subject to approach of course, but some of you have already done it and are very happy indeed. Let’s see if we can’t help out the rest of you!

We know that there are a number of you out there that have never booked with Allstars Escorts, even just for yourself, so it’s going to be hard work to book an escort for couples we know. You probably feel as though it’s cheating, wrong, immoral or something like that, yet here you are on our website! Might as well try yes?


How to go about it

We like this idea above all others. Have a night when you and the Mrs are having a bit of a drink, or you are perhaps on a night out. When she’s had a few, you can approach the subject of having another girl join you. You can even point out a woman or two whilst you’re out. Now this is very important. If she gets upset about it, you can just claim that you were joking and never talk about it again. The next day, if she remembers, you can just put her reaction down to drinking and reinforce the fact that you were joking.


The serious way

There’s always the serious way, but we’re not guaranteeing results here. You could just come straight out with it and ask what she thinks. Make sure that you tell her that this is the first time you’ve considered getting an escort for couples, and that you have never booked an escort before. Otherwise she’s going to believe all sorts of things. And remember that if you do book girls, and she didn’t go for this idea, you’re going to be on her radar. Be careful!

Planting the seed

Sometimes it’s just about planting the seed of thought in her mind you know. It can be a joke, or like we suggested on the night out etc. She may even come back to you about it, so always be patient. You never know, Christmas might come very early for you!

And when you’re looking for an escort for couples, don’t forget to give us a call!