London escortWe’re guessing that any New Year’s Resolutions you may have had are now more than screwed? Don’t worry, about 2% of the population actually manages to stick to theirs. Perhaps your resolution was to give up booking London escorts? Well, that’s laughable then! You’re here already, and we welcome you back!

London escort resolutions?

Never beat yourself up about breaking resolutions, that’s what they are for. Stop treating yourself as an afterthought. Life is simply too short for that! Besides, when there are so many beautiful escorts arriving in London all the time, how can you resist anyway? It would take the Pope himself to resist these young ladies!

Perhaps your resolution was to book a London escort every week instead of every month? Well, we welcome those of you who are upping their game, so to speak! Are you up to it? To be honest with you, at these rates, we’re surprised you haven’t been seeing more than one London escort a week already! You can’t get a much better value than £150 can you? Not considering that they’re outcall too!

You can book as often as you like of course, we’re just suggesting one a week. If you have it in you, book as many as you want, every day, or twice a day, or whatever. It’s all good with us!

Outcall London escort fun

And an outcall London escort from Allstars will always give you maximum value for money. Even if they just showed up for half an hour looking like that, it would be worth the money right? Well, maybe not, but you get where we’re coming from.

Call us anytime you like, we’re open 24 hours a day and have been for as long as we’ve been operating. 2019 isn’t going to be any different gentlemen. And regardless of any resolutions you may have, we suggest that you leave your London escort hobby well alone. Your favorite agency needs you, as do the girls, so stick around and book!