London escortsIt’s that time of year again gentlemen. All the girls that vanished for Christmas and New Year, have mostly all returned. It’s one of those things that always happens. They disappear at Christmas and then New Year and then we get an influx of them around this time. And boy oh boy are they welcome!

It’s not like we didn’t have enough girls to cover the festive period of course, we’ve got loads of London escorts at Allstars. We managed very well, as we’re sure that most of you already know! We’re one of the only agencies that are able to get girls to your home or hotel on Christmas Day, or New Year’s Day! Now that’s some pretty damn good service, right?

Returning London escorts

Those that have been away for Christmas and New Year, or one of them, have returned to us with a fresh and renewed enthusiasm for their career. They’ve also spent their money of course! LOL! That goes without saying. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, Christmas is an expensive time of year. Even the Russians are back now that their belated Christmas is over. You may not know this, but our Russian London escorts have been celebrating their Christmas on 7th January. We know, it’s a little weird, but you can’t have it all your own way!

You can pretty much take your pick from the gallery now gents, you will find virtually all of them back and ready to go. Don’t forget to check out our duo London escorts too. We did have a few problems with these over the festive period, when one left and the other stayed, but they’re all mostly back now, so check them out. If there’s anything better than one of our girls, it’s almost certainly got to be two of them together!