escortThere are plenty of different reactions when it comes to meeting your escort for the first time, and believe us when we tell you that we’ve heard about them all. Our girls are well used to every reaction imaginable. They’ve had men nearly passing out before. Whether it’s with shock, or whether it’s with desire, we can’t say of course! We do know that none of these reactions ever bother the girls. As long as eventually you sort yourself out and behave respectfully etc. it doesn’t really matter what your initial reaction is.


You can always trust our girls to be very discreet, that goes without saying. You may want to have a story or something at the ready. We’re talking about if you happen to bump into anyone you know, or you get into an unexpected conversation with someone. Our girls are always very professional in these circumstances and know when to keep their mouths shut! More importantly they know when to go along with a story. If you introduce them as a colleague from work, a friend, or even a girlfriend, they will be sure to go along with it without a problem. These are bright and intelligent young women who know how to handle themselves.

Your behaviour

We put a lot of trust in our client’s behaviour. We never have any complaints from the girls anyway, so it can’t be all bad. Either that, or they’re incredibly tolerant! People who use the London escort industry are generally very polite and well behaved anyway. They’re just men, like yourself, who want some female company and would much rather have it on their terms, when they want it. Nothing wrong with that in our opinion; which is why we run an escort agency of course!

If for any reason you’re not happy with the girl you have chosen to be with, instead of trying to articulate your dissatisfaction with her, and perhaps becoming frustrated because you may not agree, we would rather you contact us. It’s best in the long run for you to politely decline your chosen girl’s service and allow her to leave. Do this as soon as you realise you’re not happy with her however, and not when you’ve had half an hour together! You’re not likely to get a good response from us if you do this.