People are essentially good

London escortsIt’s not easy being in London, living and working here. We are conditioned somewhat to distrust others and restrict our communications. We keep our interactions with others to the minimum bare necessities. No-one talks on the tube, no-one says good morning etc. and this is why Londoners have been given such a bad reputation as being miserable and a bit grim. But the reality is very different with these people. If you’ve ever booked London escorts from us before, you’ll know how friendly they are!

The reality

Just try this for us. Talk to someone about something other than a restaurant order. If you’re visiting London, and you’ve been here before a while ago, talk about that and how it’s changed. Ask them something about where you are, smile and be an approachable person. We are pretty sure that once you coax the Londoner to interact with you, and they realise you are actually not creepy, they’ll be truly friendly. That’s just an example of course. You don’t have to do it like we just said, try your own way. But if you’re going to take anything away from this blog, let it be not to be afraid to speak to people.

Here’s an example for you. Recently we were sitting in a cafe in the Earls Court area, strangely enough with a couple of our London escorts. We overhead a conversation between a customer and the proprietor. The customer paid the bill and they were about to leave when something stopped him. He turned back to the proprietor and told her what a lovely cafe she had. The customer went on to say that it wasn’t their first time at that establishment, which is why he returned. He commented on the music, the atmosphere and the food. And low and behold, a conversation began. By the time it was over, both parties were smiling and they had made each other’s morning that much better.

London escorts can help too!

So you see, in the words of the great Bob Hoskins, when he used to do those old BT television commercials: “It’s good to talk.” You are forgiven if you’re not old enough to remember those! And don’t forget you can always brush up on your social skills with one of our London escorts. Those beautiful creatures will always be pleased to see you, wherever you are in London. And they are very susceptible to flattery (Just so you know!)

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