escortsWe are of course writing to all those of you who may think you’re falling in love with a London escort. The short answer to this is that you’re not. Well, at least the chances are that you’re not. We suppose once in a lifetime things do happen, but none that we’re aware of in this business. No, it’s purely infatuation gentlemen, that’s all it is.

Why not love?

It’s infatuation because you’re just getting all the good things about the relationship you probably already have, or have at least had at some point in your life. You get to spend quality time with your escort, and you do nice things. You go out to dinner, you have fun over drinks, you dance the night away, you do whatever the two of you feel like doing. There are no bills to worry about, you don’t need to worry about meeting her parents, or her brother liking you etc. None of that exists with escorts.

So, you really have to put it in context here guys. If you were indeed in love with an escort and you wanted the whole nine-yards with her, you wouldn’t be signing up for anything more than you’ve already had, or already have. Not that our girls aren’t fantastic of course, don’t get us wrong, but they are actually temporary fixes aren’t they?

Escorts are not interested

And the other truth of the matter is that none of the girls are interested in having any form of relationship with anyone, and they very rarely ever believe that they are in love. They may seem very keen when they are with you. They may well be attentive and affectionate, but that is their professional skill set coming into play. Plus they genuinely love to be close to their clients; but they don’t love you.

Just book more girls

If you think you’re in love with a particular escort, do yourself a big favour before you think any more about it. Book another girl as soon as you can. If you find yourself falling in love with her, or perhaps the one after her, it’s you. You just have a problem falling in love with every girl you interact with. It’s not a massive problem, but at least you can always get rid of the feeling by meeting another girl!

And who doesn’t like to be in love all the time?!