outcall London escortsWe happen to have first hand experience of this! You know the type of places we’re talking about perhaps? When you come to London and you get a hotel on a budget, ready to invite some outcall London escorts to party with you? Well, if you’re staying for more than one night, just be careful of the breakfasts, that’s what we’re saying. If you want enough energy and endurance to stay more than one night that is.

Cheap often means cheap!

Not in the case of cheap London escorts of course, you get where we’re coming from we’re sure. But cheap breakfasts are very different indeed. They usually consist of croissants that will never go out of date, plastic pots of jam, muesli that looks like the scrapings from a birdcage and a thimbleful of juice from concentrate. It’s not the best is it?

But it’s not the worst you can get. The worst of all is if you get those horrible slices of cheese and ham. Never touch these, whatever you do. Take it from us, we know what we’re talking about. At least with the other stuff they have enough preservatives in them to keep them relatively safe for years (not tasty, just safe!), but with “fresh” meat and cheese, you have no way of knowing just how old it is. On top of that, if it’s just laying out there on the table for everyone to sneeze and cough all over, and generally handle in any way they like, it’s not fit for human consumption.


You will undoubtedly end up ill, with sickness and possibly diarrhoea. And these are not the prime characteristics that our outcall London escorts look for in their dates! We don’t know of a single girl who enjoys spending the evening in a hotel room, whilst her date is throwing up in the toilet. Not exactly romantic.

So, a word to the wise. Just don’t eat it. It’s not tasty, and it could make you very ill. London is full of great cafes and restaurants, take our London escorts word for it, and they’re practically all open in the morning. Just get dressed and go out for breakfast. Easy right?