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blonde London escortsWhich do you prefer? Blondes or brunettes? Of course the best clients are those of you who don’t really have a preference. We like those that choose both types of escorts really, and somewhat at random. That shows a man who just loves women!


It’s surprising just how much research has been done in this area. There was one not long ago in the paper where a young girl tried out Tinder as a blonde, and then she tried it out again as a brunette. Interesting we know. We have our very own stats on blonde escorts and brunette escorts too

The results of that girl’s test, and the results of our own data revealed that the blondes are actually doing better. Blonde escorts get booked more often than brunettes. We are certain that a lot of women decided to dye their hair after that experiment! Our girls always get booked anyway, so they’re not bothered about this sort of thing. Luckily there are enough of you to get them all bookings, it’s just that the blondes are a little busier!

Marketing escorts

We suppose the logical thing for us to do as an agency would be to get as many of the brunettes to change the colour of their hair, thus making them blonde London escorts. This way we’d get much more business clearly. But when you’ve been in the business as long as we have, you know that to try and get the girls to do anything you think would help them get bookings, is actually a futile endeavour!

What about brunette escorts?

Well, here at Allstars Escorts, we’re very big fans of our brunette angels too of course. We wouldn’t dream of not representing as many brunette escorts, just because of this little social experiment. We know that lots of choice means that the client will always be happy, so we’re happy to leave the girls alone and let them do whatever the hell they want with their hair!

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