Allstars EscortsWhen you book a girl from Allstars Escorts, you have to remember that you’re not obliged to tell her your real name at all. We do all operate in an industry that seems to insist upon aliases. You can’t think for one moment that the girls at Allstars Escorts all have their real names on their profile! They have the same worries as you perhaps. What they do needs to be private, and what you do needs to be private. It’s a choice you both make.

When you need your real name

There is of course a rather obvious time when you do need to give your real name to the agency. This is when you have invited a girl to your room and she needs to enquire about you at the reception desk. If you want to avoid this too, you can always meet her in the lobby, or bar, or even outside if you insist. There are plenty of options. Of course, not all hotels insist on your “real” name anyway! Depends where you’re staying.

Chatting to your escort

If your escort clearly has a made up name like “Desire” or “Love” or something like that, please don’t make a fool of yourself by asking her for her real name all the time. It’s blatantly obvious that she doesn’t want anyone to know, so even if she did tell you another one, it’s likely to be fake too!

We are not interested in who you are

Don’t take that the wrong way of course, we care about you guys a lot. But we’re not interested in the slightest in who you are, or anything about you, so you needn’t worry about giving your name etc. We are hardly going to add you on Facebook! Your business is your business, and as long as you keep coming back to book your girls from Allstars Escorts, we couldn’t be happier.