London escortsWe know that there are plenty of you out there that like your London escorts to speak English, but is it really such a big deal? And you think it is, why do you think it is? There are those of you who don’t care either way of course. You surely have to ask yourself, how well do you want to communicate with your girl?

The vast majority of you guys book London escorts for an hour or two. Just how much are you going to learn about a young woman at that time anyway? You’re probably not going to approach a load of subjects with her during this time, are you? And you’re going to be more than enamoured with the way she looks, a lot more than how well she can converse with you!

More fun with a broken accent

Not only is it really sexy most of the time, but it’s a lot of fun trying to get across what you mean to your escort. There are frustrations, but it’s mostly fun. Mainly because they laugh when they suddenly realise what you mean. These young ladies have an excellent sense of humor you know.

Are you going to dinner?

Do you really ever go to dinner with your escorts? There aren’t many who do really. These are the times when you probably want to chat with your girl a little more. She ceases to be just a pretty young thing with a hot body when you take her out to dinner!

Talk to us about your London escorts

If language is a problem for you, or you do actually plan to go out and spend a few hours or more with your chosen girl, then do ask for one with good English skills. We can’t really be held responsible for any bookings you don’t enjoy if you don’t make your requirements known to us when you call. We can always make recommendations based on what you want.