The ultimate airport pick up (with a London escort!)

airport escortsEver been picked up at the airport before? It’s a common enough occurrence right? Well, how about being picked up by a London escort? Allstars Escorts specialise in outcall services to airport hotels, and we could be your ultimate fantasy!

Not us of course, our girls. Why not book one of the girls to meet you at the airport? We can arrange things like this, and then take the two of you back to your hotel nearby, where you can enjoy the rest of your day/evening together. The girls love doing things that are a little different, and they love making you happy, so we’re certain they’d be up for it.

Airport escorts for airport hotels

Airport escorts are very common indeed, so if you had any type of anxiety about booking one to pick you up, or one to come to your airport hotel nearby, don’t worry about it. Practically every solo male traveller books a girl for company in these hotels, it’s very common indeed. And why not? It’s all about making your visit to London as enjoyable as possible, and if this means booking one of our beautiful airport escorts, then so be it.

They’re all very talented at what they do. They’re also all very discreet and professional. Most of the time no-one would ever know that they are indeed airport escorts, unless perhaps they have been seen in the same hotel before. But then there are so many escorts operating in this way, that it would be very difficult to discern one from another in this way. Just another beautiful young girl going to her room.

Tolerant staff

All the staff in these hotel airports are extremely tolerant and accepting of this hobby, and they are never bothered about interfering with your activities as long as you pay your bill and don’t cause any trouble. Why would they care who you have in your room anyway? They have more important things to concern themselves with!

Viagra tips for men

ViagraWe say “for men” because apparently women use it too sometimes for something or other! We don’t profess to know a lot about this, but what we do know, we’ll pass it on to you.

Firstly we think that it’s important to mention that not everyone who takes Viagra has erectile dysfunction. This is a myth. Lots of men take it these days as a type of enhancement, party drug to give them a better sex life. It’s perfectly normal, and widely accepted.

Take your time

If you take Viagra, it’s important to know that you have to take it around an hour before you believe you’re going to have sex. If you take it and then immediately go to have sex, you’re not going to get the full benefit of the drug. It’s as simple as that!


Make sure you are stimulated

It’s not magic! Viagra only works when you are with a woman and you are being sexually stimulated. So, you’ll need to be with a hot girl who wants to have sex with you to start with. Kissing, stripping, touching etc. are all stimulating actions that will get the ball rolling.

Don’t take too much

Once you have taken some Viagra, if it doesn’t appear to be working, don’t just go ahead and take more. You’re only supposed to take it once a day too, so be careful, this stuff raises your blood pressure etc. so it’s not to be messed about with. if it’s not working, it’s more than likely because you haven’t got the right dosage, or you’re not stimulated, or you have been drinking or taking other drugs.

These are all good things to consider if you’re planning on partying with Viagra. Don’t take any drugs for granted fellas, it’s just not worth it you know.

Spending all your money on hotels?

escortsDon’t! There’s a simple answer to this problem. If you’re the type of hobbyist that comes to town regularly to see the girls from Allstars Escorts (or anywhere else for that matter), you may well be forced to cut your visit short due to hotel prices.

Book early

It’s not like booking a flight. You can’t book a hotel at the last minute and hope to get an awesome deal. With a flight, they need to reduce the prices to get as much money as they can, in order to keep their overheads low (fuel and such). In the case of hotels, they know that they’ll more than likely be booked up most of the time; especially in London. And what they do is hike up the prices at the last minute. We know, it’s not really fair is it? But this is what they do. So if you book a hotel the day before, you can expect to find out that the price of your room was more than likely cheaper a week or so earlier.

Use a good website

Sometimes it pays to go directly to the hotel’s own website, but when you have sites like and etc. it’s also worth looking on there too. These booking sites offer significant reductions sometimes, leaving you more money to book escorts! You can also earn reward nights with some of them too, so that’s even better. If only you could earn extra escorts by booking as many as you can afford!

Don’t always go for the high end hotels

Shop around guys. We know that you want to invite escorts back to your room etc. and not all hotels appreciate this sort of thing, but we think you’ll find that most of them don’t really care, as long as you’re paying your bill!

So, there really is no need to book the expensive places. Choose some of the smaller, independent hotels that offer great prices. They’ll keep themselves to themselves we’re sure, and you don’t even have to see them again do you?

Get to know your outcall escort and have an even better time!

outcall escortIt’s quite common at Allstars for a client to book the same girl several times. Today we’re talking about just that. There is a lot to be gained from booking the same outcall escort time and time again.

Getting to know you

She will inevitably get to know you much better, the more you book her. An outcall escort from Allstars usually remembers a client if she’s had a really nice time, even if they’ve only booked her once. So you can imagine just how familiar and comfortable she’s going to get with a regular client with whom she always has a good time.

This also means that she’s going to learn all the things you like, she’s going to remember them. And because you’re always giving her such a nice time, she’s going to be keen to do these things. Not least of course, because she’s going to want you to keep booking her. If you have a bad date or two, you’re not likely to book her again are you? You’ll just find another girl and try and build some kind of rapport with her; there are plenty to choose from!

Getting to know her

And let’s not forget that it works just as well the other way around! When you book the same girl over and over again, you too are going to better understand her needs and desires too. Perhaps you always go to a restaurant she likes, or a bar that she’s fond of? It all goes a long way to ensuring that your experience is even better than you expect.

Familiarity is one of the foundations for any modern day relationship when you think about it, so there’s no reason why you can’t have this familiarity with an outcall escort too, is there?

Just browse the gallery and begin your journey towards finding your all time favourite outcall escort!

The problem with incalls

escortWhilst we operate an outcall only escort agency, for a number of practical and financial reasons, there are a number of things about incalls that make them undesirable for you, the client.


If you book an incall and travel to an escort’s apartment, you will always run the risk of bumping into someone you know; no matter how small the chance, it’s still a chance. This is especially so if you’re a local, or work in the area you’re visiting.

With an outcall, you get stay in your room. This allows you to maintain your anonymity and make your escort do all the work. And the great thing about Allstars Escorts is that you will get this outcall service at the same price as you would pay an incall escort. So why bother going out at all?


Not everywhere is friendly in London, especially not late at night. There are always undesirables hanging about here and there. So the last thing you is to be walking to an incall apartment with a couple of hundred in cash in your pocket; or perhaps more! You may be an easy target for anyone who decides to take advantage of your situation.


There’s always extra expense involved when you book an incall, to begin with. A cab ride isn’t cheap in London. Also if you’re not really a “people person” you may not want to take the tube either. On top of all this, England doesn’t have the best weather does it? In the summer it’s too damn hot and clammy for the underground, and in the winter, who wants to be trudging around London in the freezing cold?

Our girls have drivers

The escorts we represent don’t have these things to deal with of course, because they have drivers! They’ll be dropped off right outside your door, fresh and ready to entertain. So if they get all this, and they’re still cheaper than the average incall, why wouldn’t you book an outcall escort experience?

Get yourself a favourite escort!

escortYou know what one of the hardest things is about booking an escort? Getting the right one for you. There are good escorts and then there are those escorts that are amazing, and seem to fit the person you are perfectly. It takes time to find one, we realise, but it’s really worth it.

You may even think that you’ve found one. If you really have then you’re a lucky man. Now all you need to do is keep booking her. And do you know why you need to do that? Not just the obvious answer, no. The fact is that if you keep booking her it’s only going to get better and better, the more you know each other. These girls remember their regulars very well indeed and they appreciate knowing what they like etc. It makes their job more enjoyable and somewhat easier if we’re honest. So why not make a monthly booking with Allstars Escorts?

Booking in advance

Another thing is that, if you do indeed book in advance because you know which night of the week you’re going to see an escort, you will be able to book at the cheaper price. If you notice, all the girls are cheaper if you book them in advance. They appreciate having a full calendar and knowing just where they’re going etc. There’s nothing better than knowing you’ve got a booking, believe us. It’s good for us too of course, we like to be organised. So why wouldn’t we reward you for your advance booking, by making it cheaper? Good for everyone!

If you’re not that well organised, you can still get the cheaper rate, but only if you give us a minimum of two hours notice. It’s still a rush around for some girls, depending on where they are in London, but it’s still much easier for everyone. We can get the drivers around to the right place etc. and get her to you as quickly as possible.

Tell the world about your escort experience!

London escortNo, we don’t mean shout it from the rooftops, tell your wife or your next door neighbour! We’re talking about sharing your experience with those among us who understand more than anything. A London escort hobby is a very private thing we realise, and there is a very select group of us who indulge in this wonderful service. But we do have communities that help hobbyists, agencies and of course the girls greatly.

Reviewing your London escort experience

It’s all about the reviews you see. At the end of the day, when anyone buys anything these days, they read half a dozen reviews if they can before committing to purchase. The same can be said for London escorts. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s an outcall booking or an incall booking either. We obviously only offer outcall bookings, but there are people out there that only want this service, so your review will be very useful.

You don’t have to give your name, or any details about yourself at all. You can even register with these websites using a different email address etc. What’s important is that your review is honest and as detailed as you can make it. Those paying for an escort experience really like to know what they might expect.

The sites

The sites are as follows, and you can find them easy enough: Captain 69, The Erotic Review,, Punterchat. There are probably loads more, but these ones are by far the most influential so we’ve come to believe. If you go over to one or all of these and submit your London escort we would be very grateful indeed. We don’t offer you any incentive, other than the fact you will be doing yourself and the rest of the community a lot of good. Imagine if you will, a world without escorts? This is one of the main reasons we want to keep the reviews going!

Beware of hotel breakfasts in the cheap places!

outcall London escortsWe happen to have first hand experience of this! You know the type of places we’re talking about perhaps? When you come to London and you get a hotel on a budget, ready to invite some outcall London escorts to party with you? Well, if you’re staying for more than one night, just be careful of the breakfasts, that’s what we’re saying. If you want enough energy and endurance to stay more than one night that is.

Cheap often means cheap!

Not in the case of cheap London escorts of course, you get where we’re coming from we’re sure. But cheap breakfasts are very different indeed. They usually consist of croissants that will never go out of date, plastic pots of jam, muesli that looks like the scrapings from a birdcage and a thimbleful of juice from concentrate. It’s not the best is it?

But it’s not the worst you can get. The worst of all is if you get those horrible slices of cheese and ham. Never touch these, whatever you do. Take it from us, we know what we’re talking about. At least with the other stuff they have enough preservatives in them to keep them relatively safe for years (not tasty, just safe!), but with “fresh” meat and cheese, you have no way of knowing just how old it is. On top of that, if it’s just laying out there on the table for everyone to sneeze and cough all over, and generally handle in any way they like, it’s not fit for human consumption.


You will undoubtedly end up ill, with sickness and possibly diarrhoea. And these are not the prime characteristics that our outcall London escorts look for in their dates! We don’t know of a single girl who enjoys spending the evening in a hotel room, whilst her date is throwing up in the toilet. Not exactly romantic.

So, a word to the wise. Just don’t eat it. It’s not tasty, and it could make you very ill. London is full of great cafes and restaurants, take our London escorts word for it, and they’re practically all open in the morning. Just get dressed and go out for breakfast. Easy right?

You’re not in love!

escortsWe are of course writing to all those of you who may think you’re falling in love with a London escort. The short answer to this is that you’re not. Well, at least the chances are that you’re not. We suppose once in a lifetime things do happen, but none that we’re aware of in this business. No, it’s purely infatuation gentlemen, that’s all it is.

Why not love?

It’s infatuation because you’re just getting all the good things about the relationship you probably already have, or have at least had at some point in your life. You get to spend quality time with your escort, and you do nice things. You go out to dinner, you have fun over drinks, you dance the night away, you do whatever the two of you feel like doing. There are no bills to worry about, you don’t need to worry about meeting her parents, or her brother liking you etc. None of that exists with escorts.

So, you really have to put it in context here guys. If you were indeed in love with an escort and you wanted the whole nine-yards with her, you wouldn’t be signing up for anything more than you’ve already had, or already have. Not that our girls aren’t fantastic of course, don’t get us wrong, but they are actually temporary fixes aren’t they?

Escorts are not interested

And the other truth of the matter is that none of the girls are interested in having any form of relationship with anyone, and they very rarely ever believe that they are in love. They may seem very keen when they are with you. They may well be attentive and affectionate, but that is their professional skill set coming into play. Plus they genuinely love to be close to their clients; but they don’t love you.

Just book more girls

If you think you’re in love with a particular escort, do yourself a big favour before you think any more about it. Book another girl as soon as you can. If you find yourself falling in love with her, or perhaps the one after her, it’s you. You just have a problem falling in love with every girl you interact with. It’s not a massive problem, but at least you can always get rid of the feeling by meeting another girl!

And who doesn’t like to be in love all the time?!

Being respectful to girls

escortIt’a actually more about being respectful to people at the end of the day. If you are the type of person who can’t be respectful, no matter who you are addressing, then there is little that an article like this can offer you.

The demon drink!

But the chances are that you’re not, if only because you’re  booking through Allstars Escorts. We are generally, genuinely happy with the clients we have and have very few problems in this area. However, if there ever is a problem, it’s usually to do with disrespecting girls. But this too has it’s source.

Not many people actually plan to be rude and/or disrespectful to their chosen escorts. It’s usually that old devil booze that’s to blame. And we’ve all been there we’re sure. Either disrespecting someone because alcohol has lowered our inhibitions so much, or of course being disrespected by someone suffering the same problem. Either way it’s not very pleasant at all is it?

Your escort’s right of refusal

It’s unhelpful to go through a list of how you could be disrespectful to a London escort, and to be honest, you really ought to know anyway. But what you should know is that your chosen girl has an absolute to leave your home or hotel room. As we said, we can’t define every way in which you could possibly piss one of these girls off, but we are certain that they will let you know what you are doing wrong!

You will get a warning first, unless you’re just being intolerable, and then you will asked to leave. There will be no refunds or credit, or anything else like that. And what’s even worse is that you will not be able to book again through Allstars and possibly other agencies. This is because we will share your number with them. When you begin to disrespect girls, you lose the right to your privacy and discretion. So, we believe that this is a very fair warning to anyone who may sometimes border on being disrespectful. Just be careful!

Don’t worry, you won’t want to be anything but nice to our girls!