The new duo London escort experience and what it can do for you

duo London escortIt may have come to your attention that we now offer duo London escort experiences at Allstars Escorts. For the same reason we now offer Elite London escorts, this has been done because there is indeed a demand for it. We wrote a while ago about why we now represent Elite girls, and we went to great lengths to explain that we do this because of demand. The demand for duos is the same. We wouldn’t represent them if we didn’t think that you guys wanted them.

What a duo London escort can do for you

A duo London escort experience is what every man dreams about basically. However, it’s not what every man will treat himself to. There is no real good reason for this, and it’s something that you have to get over yourself if you’re one of these men. You can’t spend your life telling yourself that you don’t deserve to have this type of fun in your world. This is a short life and it’s made for living. What’s that old expression/aphorism? Something about skidding and sliding into your coffin rather than being laid to rest gently. A well lived life is worth it gents, so don’t deny yourself the things that you really want to do.

Improve your confidence

Booking to spend time with two (or even more) London escorts at the same time can be extremely liberating. If you’re usually quite an underconfident man, then learning to keep two girls happy is one thing that is sure to boost your self-confidence. And you needn’t worry too much, they’ll certainly show you how you can keep them happy. And before you rush off assuming this and that, it’s not all about sex you know! You should know by now that keeping a woman happy isn’t always about pleasing her in the bedroom. In actual fact, the vast majority of ordinary women are not overly impressed in the bedroom alone. If you can keep them happy whilst sharing a few drinks, or going out dancing and telling a few jokes etc. then you’re onto a winner for sure.

Don’t get freaked out

Just because you’ve probably never spent any length of time with two women in this type of situation before, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to have a problem you know. The girls who offer the duo London escort experiences at Allstars are very good at making you feel comfortable and relaxed and nothing is ever demand from you. All they request is that you’re a nice person and you treat them with the utmost respect at all times. In fact, make no mistake, the more you relax, the better time you’re going to have.

Genuinely bisexual London escorts

Another very important thing to realise about the girls who offer this service at Allstars Escorts is that they are all genuinely bisexual. A duo experience is heightened all the more by having two girls who are genuinely into each other. It changes the dynamic you know? If the girls aren’t into each other (no matter what happens) the chemistry just isn’t going to be there and you won’t have as much of a good time.

Make your first duo London escort experience an Allstars Escorts experience

Why do we offer Elite London escorts?

elite London escortsHere at Allstars Escorts we are very much a “supply and demand” agency. We wouldn’t offer any type of service if there wasn’t a demand for it basically. We have always known that there was a huge demand for cheap London escorts, and this is what has kept us in business for so long. But times change and this is now reflected with the continued innovation of our agency website.

Elite London escorts

Elite London escorts have long been popular in the city of course, but they haven’t always been for every agency. You see, we weren’t likely to offer elite services to our clients until they asked for them. There wouldn’t have been any point in listing a load of girls at a higher rate and wasting their time, if we didn’t have the bookings to give them. Basically we have waited until we have more than a few requests for elite London escorts on a weekly basis, before actually adding them to the website.

They’re not just the old girls

And we didn’t want to do what a few of you may have thought. We didn’t want to simply up the prices of the girls currently on the website and rebadge them as “elite”. That’s not the way we do business, it never has been and it never will be. We believe in quality services and quality prices, and this is what we have built our company reputation on for all these years. We didn’t expect our cheap London escort clients to book our new elite London escorts for a moment. Although, surprisingly enough, due to our loyal customer base and our excellent reputation, some of them actually have!

So in answer to the original question: why do we offer elite London escorts? We offer them because there’s a demand for them now. We offer them because you want them. And we only ever offer the best we can. The girls we get applying for elite escort positions are always thoroughly checked, to make sure they fulfil those all important “elite” qualities!

Check out the elite London escorts gallery now

Have the cake, drink the wine, get the girl

London escortsThis is our new philosophy! Well, to be honest with you it’s not a new way of thinking at all. The London escort industry is based upon indulgence and excess really isn’t it? Trouble is that in the UK, too many people make themselves feel bad about what they’re thinking and what they actually desire, rather than just go ahead and enjoy themselves.

It’s not unusual

It’s not unusual to feel guilty about indulging your desires of course, but this is a hump you really need to get past. The reason is of course because it’s also not unusual to have these desires you have. And this includes your desire to spend time with London escorts. Some would call them wrong, yes sure they would. But who died and made them the people in charge of what’s right and wrong? You only get to live one life gentlemen, make it the most enjoyable life you can. And don’t think for a moment that the thoughts and desires you have are unusual, or you are somehow perverted or evil for thinking them. You’re thinking them for one reason and one reason alone: you’re a human being!

Guilt is like a bag of bricks!

Have you heard that before? “Guilt is like a bag of bricks, you’ve just got to set it down.” We’re not sure where we heard that to be honest, but we know if was in a movie or on a TV programme or something. It’s quite inspiring don’t you think? And as people who run an escort agency, it’s certainly a something that we could get fully behind.

Drinking the wine is good for you, eating the cake is good for you, and seeing the girl is certainly very good for you. We won’t lie to you however, if you do any of these in access, then you’re going to come undone eventually. But then you knew that already right? What’s also equally as unhealthy, is abstaining from any and all of these things. If you’re going to deny yourself the company of beautiful young women, or London escorts of course, or you’re going to deny yourself that glass of wine in the evening, your life will be poorer for it.

So, put down the bricks! You don’t need to carry that stuff around with you anymore!

You want it, we got it!

outcall London escortHere at Allstars Escorts we have a policy of getting you exactly what you need, when you need it, where you need it. This is why we cover the whole of Greater London. We are serious when we say that we are practically the only outcall London escort agency that can do this. It’s because we have such a vast amount of girls at the agency, and such a great list of drivers to get them where they need to go.

On top of covering the whole of Greater London, we’re also one of the leading Surrey escort providers, Essex escorts, Kent escorts etc. in fact all of the Home Counties. We may not be able to get to you as quickly (depending on whereabouts you are), but we’ll have a damn good try! You could say that we cover much of the South of England! Now that’s impressive right?

Every category of outcall London escort you could imagine!

You name what you want, we have them! And if you can’t be bothered with the gallery, just call us and trust our expertise. Tell us you want a tall, young, busty blonde and we’ll send you the best available! We’re excellent at recommending who is best, and we’ll always send the closest too, so that you don’t have to wait too long.

Busty escorts, tall, slim, brunette, black, Asian, mature, you name them gentlemen, we’ve got them. With this going for us, and the vast array of locations we cover, we are fast becoming the “go to” agency in London and Greater London, for all your escort needs.

Don’t forget to check the rates

Please don’t forget to check the new rates on the main website. We have made it much easier and much better for those of you who want to book in advance.

We’re also offering duo escort experiences, and Elite escort experiences!

Day rate hotel bookings and outcall escorts: It needn’t break the bank!

If you follow our blog you may well have read a recent post about booking London escorts in your lunch hour. Whilst this may seem alien to many of you, it does happen. Another thing that people seem to forget about Allstars Escorts is that we do indeed operate during the day. It may not seem like it because we get so many bookings in the early hours of the morning and late at night, but we do. When we advertise that we’re a 24 hour agency, we really mean it. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night it is, you can always count on someone answering your call. That’s why we’re going to talk to you about day rate hotels.

What’s a day rate hotel?

To begin with, no, it’s not a seedy little hotel that never changes the sheets on the bed and has street walking prostitutes coming in and out all day. We’re not in the USA and we’re not in murder mystery novel! Many of the best hotels in London offer their rooms out on a day rate basis between certain hours. They don’t do this so people can see escorts etc. but we’re sure that they’re aware this is just one of the reasons their rooms get booked during the day. It’s not a new idea by any means either, and it kind of makes sense when you think about it. Why have those rooms empty during the day when someone can be paying you good money for them?

There are websites out there dedicated to day rate hotels, and you’d be surprised at just how much value for money you’ll be getting when you book a room between the hours of 9-5:


Don’t worry about what people think

You really needn’t trouble yourself with what others think. Mainly because they’re not thinking anything at all. Renting a hotel room for the day, or even a few hours is very commonplace indeed in London. There are people who just arrive in town and need a few hours sleep before a meeting. There are those who just need a place to have a cosy meeting for work. There are those that just want to be alone for a while. It’s all very common in the city today. And it’s more than common for visitors to come and go to these rooms during the day; and that includes London escorts. Really, the hotel staff couldn’t care less who comes to your room, as long as you are paying and you’re leaving the room as you found it.

So, you can book our outcall London escorts and a hotel room, still for a very reasonable price. Now there’s no excuse not to book from Allstars Escorts

The unforgiving hour

London escortsThe unforgiving hour in this case is your lunch hour! It can sometimes feel as though it lasts only minutes, depending on what you’re doing. You can bet your life that if you decide to go to a restaurant and have a nice meal in that time, it’s going to take forever for the kitchen to get your order. Even if you go to Starbucks for coffee, you can guarantee that there’s going to be a queue the size of Nebraska waiting for you. But have you ever thought about filling that unforgiving hour with the company of a beautiful woman? In this case a London escort.

They’re only available as outcall bookings

Yes, they are, nicely pointed out. So it’s not going to work for everyone. Unless of course you’re going to use another agency and get an incall booking. Incidentally, this is something that we’re working on and do hope to offer incall London escort services as soon as we’re able. But back to fundamentals for a moment. If you’re a Londoner and you live not far from work, what’s wrong with just nipping home in your lunch hour and inviting a girl over to spend some quality time together. No, you’re not going to want to go back to work, we know, but we can’t help you with those feelings we’re afraid! Our ladies are designed to make you want to spend as much time with them as possible; that’s inevitable.

Book London escorts in advance

The beauty of our new booking procedures and fees means that if you book in advance you’ll get your escort cheaper. Nice isn’t it? On top of that, booking in advance in this situation is going to be much better for you. You really don’t want to go all the way home and then call. Even if we sent the girl straight around to your apartment, you’d hardly have any time with her before you had to go back to work. Although, having said that, even half an hour with one of the girls we represent can be enormously beneficial and really help your afternoon at work go swimmingly!

It’s a good idea to try and sneak off to the loo at work mid-morning and have a little look at the gallery to find the girls you really want to see. Then you can call us and make your booking to get the girl you want at your apartment by the time you get home. Hell, she could even be waiting for you if you’re lucky. They’re very discreet anyway, so you needn’t worry about that, and the vast majority have a driver to get them to and from bookings, so they won’t be hanging around on the street if they make it to your place before you. We will stay in touch with you via messages anyway should there be any problems. This isn’t something we’ve never encountered gentlemen, we’re well used to daytime bookings to hotels and private residences and they’re never a problem.

Call us with any questions and we’ll do our best to help


Greater London escorts – We cover more than you think!

Greater London escortsWhilst we get a hell of a lot of calls for bookings in Central London, literally all over, we’re getting more and more from the whole of Greater London. Mayfair in Central London, to Dagenham in the East End, we’ve got it pretty much covered. This isn’t as hard to believe as you think when you look at the extensive list of Greater London escorts we have now at Allstars. When was the last time you looked?

Harlingdon escorts, West Ham, Harrow on the Hill, Loxford, Barnet, Ponders End escorts and those in Primrose Hill, it doesn’t really matter where they are located. You see, the point is, our girls are all over Greater London, and mostly all of them have drivers who work with them, or they use our drivers to get them around. So you can count on them getting to where they need to go, and getting themselves there on time. If you want someone fast however, it would be a good idea to call us and allow us to recommend a girl who is actually in your area, or at least not too far from you.

Even further afield

We represent Greater London escorts in every region, and what’s even better than this is that we can sometimes get into the Home Counties areas too. Essex, Suffolk etc are not a problem for us, all you need to do is call and ask. We’ll soon tell you whether or not we can get a girl to you in time or not. If they’re located on the very outskirts of Greater London, and they’re available, chances are that it’s very likely indeed!

Why not go and browse all the ladies we have on offer and choose a few that you like, not just one. That way, when you call, you are much less likely to be disappointed.

Early morning flight from Heathrow?

Heathrow escortsHave you got an early morning flight from Heathrow? It doesn’t matter where you come from in the UK, you always seem to have to fly from bloody London – Heathrow – at some point. Well, we’re here to tell you that if you have an early morning flight from Heathrow and you’re travelling down the night before to stay in a hotel, you can book our Heathrow escorts to keep you company.

Dating Heathrow escorts

The best thing about booking Heathrow escorts is that you don’t have to worry about entertaining them. They’re the ones that are there to entertain you of course. We don’t mean that you just sit there and make it hard for them, you can still make an effort, but you don’t have to go all out like you would if you were trying to impress a regular girl you’d just met. This is the privilege you pay for gentlemen!

Hotel bookings

We like a number of hotels around Heathrow Airport, and our girls have been to most of them from time to time. The Crowne Plaza is very nice indeed, with a comfortable bar for drinks etc. and nice cosy rooms to invite your companion back to! The Marriot is a little more upmarket of course, but very nice indeed, as is the Sheraton Skyline. Book with any of these hotels and you’ll be sure to impress the pants off one of our Heathrow escorts. They love to be spoiled, and they’re very good at reciprocating your attention and affection.

If you know your flight times, book your company in advance too!

We have a new rates system here at Allstars Escorts. You can now get preferred rates when you book your companions in advance. So if you know when you’ll be staying, just call us up and make the booking, even if you don’t know your room number yet. We’ll hold the reservation for you!

Want to do some duo London escort work?


duo London escortsAre you interested in the escort business? Do you think you have what it takes to become a London escort with our agency? Do you have a special friend who you’d like to work with? If you have answered “yes” to these questions, we would very much like to hear from you. We have created  a brand new feature where our clients are able to book genuinely bisexual duo London escorts and we are looking for new, fresh and exciting girls to popular the gallery.

What’s required

We require the usual things obviously. You need to be young and lovely to look at. Attentive, affectionate and intelligent etc. But more importantly you need to be genuinely bisexual if you’re going to operate as a duo. If you and your friend are going on a duo escort booking, your client will have booked you because he believes you to be this way. He expects a certain chemistry between the two of you; and that is understandable, considering the way we have marketed you.

A man who books an escort duo doesn’t expect to get two girls who are practically strangers. There must be nothing worse than inviting two girls you find very attractive to your hotel, who don’t even know each other. Believe us when we say that this actually does happen in some places!

What you can expect from your career

In return for your genuine and attractive nature, you can expect  to get regular bookings., should you choose to except them. You can expect to be paid very well for your troubles too. Our new rates system ensures that if you make particular effort to be ready at short notice, your booking fee is greater. Those who book in advance will get a preferred rate. Either way, according to our research and experience, duo London escorts are very popular; so your potential is great!

Go over and visit our recruitment page, or alternatively give the agency a call if you have any questions.

Why have one when you can have two?

duo London escortsNow there’s a question you must have asked yourself from time to time. There are so many escorts in the city that it’s almost necessary to book two at once in order to see as many as possible! You can always book as many girls as you like from Allstars Escorts, but we can’t guarantee whether the ones you book will be genuinely bisexual or not.

Escorts duos

However, we do have yet another new feature for you. We are proud to introduce our new duo London escorts gallery where you can now book real, genuinely bisexual London escorts together. You will perhaps notice that this gallery has a number of the girls from the regular gallery. They’re very happy that we have this new page for them  because it gives them a platform from which to promote their services to the full, as genuine bi-sexual London escorts.

Advance duo bookings

It’s always going to be better for you to price wise to book your escorts in advance, but it’s actually quite necessary to do this with the duos. Obviously the girls are going to have to co-ordinate themselves and be ready together at the time you have booked them. So, try to book in advance when you can.

Try something new

So if you’re never tested your endurance with two girls before, try it at least once. After all, you’re only here once aren’t you? Unless you know something we don’t of course. You don’t have to do anything particularly special with your girls, or go to extra lengths to please them. They’re there for your entertainment after all, and we are certain that they will do everything in their power to ensure that your London escort experience is one you’ll remember forever, and one you’re likely to want to repeat!

Check out the new duo London escorts gallery now!