To Hell with Valentine’s Day

escortsTo hell with Valentine’s Day! That’s what we say, and we’re pretty damn sure a number of you will agree with us. Hell, why else would you be here on Valentine’s Day? You’ve got the right idea though, you really have. Book yourself a girl and to hell with all the ritual leading up to it. Have the girl of your dreams when you want her, where you want her, for as long as you want her!

A Valentine Date

You can make it a special “Valentine” date if you like, but it’s not essential by any means. Your chosen escort won’t really be concerned about this day, although she might be made up with a little gift or an extra special bottle of champagne perhaps. But then you can do this almost any day can’t you?

Your perfect date

So, let’s dispense with the word “Valentine” and just call it a date shall we? What’s your perfect date night? We know that it involves a stunning woman of course, and that you can get from us. Our escorts have a habit of making the dates they go on, very enjoyable indeed! Most of you would opt for a dinner date we’re sure. But there is so much more to do in London, you should perhaps use your imagination a little. If you want a classic “date” experience, meet her in a bar somewhere and have a drink together, before going on elsewhere. How about a gallery or a museum? Somewhere you can actually talk and get to know them? No, it doesn’t really matter because you’ll probably never meet again, but it’s worth it for the experience.

With these prices, why not?

When you book London escorts for £100, or thereabouts, you can afford to make things a little more special really. You can book two hours with one of our girls for the same price as one escort would cost you from another agency. It’s just a case of you believing in how good it can be. If you can take the gamble and trust us, we’re quietly confident that you will find the first “getting to know you” hour will greatly enhance the second hour. Got to be worth it right?

Check them out now!

Book your Valentine escort from Allstars and get a discount

Valentine escortWe’ve been thinking about you guys. We know that Valentine’s Day is a load of rubbish in most cases, but it doesn’t change the fact that some of you will be feeling a little lonely. A Valentine escort could be all you need to make you feel better. And we have a great offer for you. Check it out on our website now!

Pre-book your Valentine escort

All you need to do is quote the code on the website when you place your booking. The girls are ready to be busy on Valentine’s Day and they’re looking forward to your call. There will be a limited amount of discounts available, so you’re better off getting your bookings in as early as possible. If you pre-book you’re also going to get the girls at their very best rate. You can check out our new rate structure too if you like. And if you want any more information about it, just call us and we’ll go through it all with you.

We’re here to help you this Valentine’s Day

We’re happy to give you offers now and again, you’ll have to keep your eyes on the blog and on our Twitter feed to keep track though. And we’re always happy to answer any questions. We want to make sure that we stay connected with our clients as much as possible. After all, we’re here for you, and we want our business to be a success. It can only be a success if you book the girls we represent.

Take a look at Lariss

How about the girl in the picture? Her name is Lariss and she’s one of the best girls we have at the moment. She’s one of our new Elite escorts and she is sure to be the Valentine escort of your dreams. You’ll never go and get a girlfriend again once you’ve seen her!

Ready for Valentine’s Day?

Who is every ready for this day? Isn’t it the one day that tries to sell you a load of crap you don’t need for a woman you’re trying to impress. You don know that you can impress her any day of the year? Flowers and chocolates and such can be purchased in stores all over the country, any day of the year! We’re being sarcastic of course! But if you’re tired of trying to impress that girl who simply won’t go out with you, or that girl who is constantly expecting you to buy her stuff, just book yourself a London escort for the day and be done with it!

London escort

A London escort will never let you down

What’s more is that she’ll never ask for anything more than your booking fee! You can’t say any fairer than that really can you? If you want to spend extra and take them out, or buy them a gift, it’s up to you, but it’s certainly never expected under any circumstances. In fact, think about the amount of money you spend on those potential dates and/or girlfriends for a moment. Isn’t it crazy when you can spend just £100 on a London escort? Even with our new rates, without prebooking, during peak hours, it’s still worthwhile booking a London escort!

Set the scene and make it special

If it’s a hotel booking, why not get a bottle of wine, or better still champagne? Have it in your room ready for when your London escort arrives and crack it open together. And remember, you don’t have to do this because it’s Valentine’s Day, you can do it just because you know you’re going to have an awesome night with a beautiful woman! What better reason is there to celebrate?

Go and check out some of our girls now and make it a night to remember!

Girls need a connection!


It’s true guys, whether you want to believe it or not. We know all most of you do is thirst after their bodies, but they demand more. Not escorts of course, escorts just want your company; and your cash of course!

If you want to woo a woman these days, in the conventional sense, and not with one of our girls on a dinner date, you’ll have to make that “connection” they always go on about.

How to make the connection

They’re not complicated creatures. Not nearly as complicated as some people would have you believe. They’re all looking for a potential partner if they’re single, and this is even if they just want to get laid. It’s in their nature to look for “boyfriend quality”. So you need to show them this! This is something you can get away with when you book escorts of course, they’re not looking for a boyfriend (even if you want to be their boyfriend!)

Listening to what they say is a good start. Girls love that sort of thing, and it shows them that they could spend a little longer than just one evening with them (even if you only want the one!) Secondly, you should take an interest in them. If they say something about themselves, ask them to tell you a little more if you can, or failing that, just ask them what they do, or what perfume they’re wearing or something. Make sure you give them a lot of attention, and stay away from those cheesy chat up lines; they just don’t work guys, and you should know that!

Book escorts

When all else fails, if you’re in need of some temporary company, just pick up the phone and call Allstars Escorts. We’ll always make sure there’s someone special to keep you company!

Do you want to work as a London escort?

To coincide with the latest changes at the agency and on the website, we’re putting out a fresh call for girls who would like to work as a London escort. Now is a really good time to be part of this rapidly expanding industry and we’re a pretty damn good agency to work for.

New rates

We’ve worked out a new rates scheme for our escorts and clients at Allstars and we think it’s a much better system, allowing our girls to get paid more during peak times and at times when they have to be ready quickly when clients haven’t been able to pre-book. It’s a much better system, and now that we have lower rates for those clients who pre-book, the girls are getting more work.

Work as a London escort

Working as a London escort can be anything you want it to be. You can work as much or as little as you like really. You just have to realise that if you’re only working a few hours here and there, you’ll be less likely to get bookings. We really appreciate escorts who make an extra effort to be ready when they’re requested, and we’ll always send more work their way. It makes sense to everyone involved, and we are trying to run a business and keep our clients happy. The last thing we want is to upset our regular clients.

Earning potential is very good for those who put in the work of course, as we’re sure you can imagine. And girls who are well liked will often get rebooked; especially at agencies like ours, where we have many regulars. This is because our rates are so very good. You could go and list with another agency and charge much more money, but you will have a lot more competition and you won’t get as many bookings. So it kind of makes sense to offer your services a little cheaper and get more bookings. Indeed, we have girls who have done it the other way, and now that they work as a London escort for Allstars, they make much more money!

Apply online or give us a call!

Book your high class escorts from Allstars!

high class escortsWe’re betting you never thought you’d be able to get high class escorts from Allstars? Well, to be more accurate, we prefer the name “elite” escorts. This is a little better, since it doesn’t give you the impression that our escorts are “stuck up” in any way at all. Because this is something you need to know about these high class escorts. They’re not. They may be better than the rest and ready for anything, but they’re still the same, highly intelligent and accommodating young women as ever. Versatile and ready to entertain.

What’s the difference between high class and the other girls

Well, our “elite” (we keep forgetting!) escorts are far more available and we’re told they offer a much more inclusive service. We don’t know too much about their services, but we know they’re much more experienced and open-minded! You can expect to pay anywhere upwards from £300 for an hour. But you can count on these girls being worth every penny of that fee. You can also book exclusive dinner dates that include two hours of private time with your chosen girl. Take a look at our page on our elite escort experience for much more information.

Ask anything you like

During this transitional phase, we welcome you to call us on the phone and ask us any questions should you be confused by anything. We will be happy to explain everything. We will be adding many more elite girls to our high class escorts list in the very near future, so keep an eye on the blog and also on our Twitter feed for more information.

Take a look at the girls and see what you think, then you’ll need to book one of them to see the difference of course, but we’re confident that you will love them. Nothing like trying something new is there?

There’s nothing like a Russian London escort!

Russian London escortsThere’s nothing like the company of a beautiful size 6 Russian! You can say what you like about models and how unnatural some believe it to be that they are only a size 6 etc. but when you’re dating one, it’s a different matter entirely! They’re perfect! We are referring of course, in this instance, to Russian London escorts. This is an agency blog after all! Also, Russian London escorts are a whole lot more available to you than the size 6 Russian girls in Russia! Unless of course you have an endless supply of money to fly over there all the time, and a superior wit and charisma in which to charm them.

Lacking in the charisma and wit department?

We’re guessing that you don’t have access to these resources? You’re not Bruce Wayne! Otherwise you wouldn’t be here on our website would you? And by far the best news for you is that you can have a size 6 Russian for just £100 (depending of course whether or not you pre-book at the right time or not. It’s important for you to read our new booking fees to find our more information about our rates. We have tried to make things much easier for both our clients and our escorts.

So why Russia?

The size 6 thing you probably get. Nothing like a slim, as well as beautiful girl is there? Pert boobs, firm, small bottom, slim waist etc. These girls look wonderful in a close fitting, short dress! Well, to be honest, they look good in anything really. But back to the point, why Russian? On top of that sexy, broken English accent they have that drives men wild with desire, there’s something even better. Most of our clients will agree that Russian London escorts are incredibly attentive and affectionate, and more open minded than their other European neighbors (and that’s saying something in the escort community!) You don’t have to take our word for it gentlemen, why not book for yourself and find out? It’s not as though you’ll be spending a lot of money to find out now is it? Everyone can find £100 when they really need it; and you do REALLY need these girls in your life!

New Faces at Allstars Escorts

Outcall London escortsWe’re proud to be able to tell you about some more new faces at the agency. We’ve been working hard over Christmas and into the New Year, trying to get some of the best outcall London escorts in the business signed up with us. We’ve succeeded of course, and it’s our great pleasure to represent them.

New outcall London escorts

When you go to our homepage you’ll notice a few changes. One of these changes is an option called “Elite escorts”. You can’t miss it, it’s flashing right in front of your eyes! On this page you’ll see three of the new faces we want to introduce you to today.

  • Sandra – (pictured above) Sandra is one of our delightfully elegant and super sexy English outcall London escorts. It’s a rare occurrence to get English girls signed up to a mostly European agency database, we’re sure you will appreciate, so you can imagine how pleased we were to get her. Same rates apply to Sandra, but you can rest assured that she is genuinely very “elite”
  • Rebecca – A treat all the way from Ukraine for you now. This beautiful young woman has been classified as “elite” simply because of the level of service she’s offering. She’s highly professional and very dependable (plus many more things!) We are certain that you’re going to have a wonderful time with her. Highly recommended!
  • Adele – Adele is our latest Hungarian cutie to begin causing a stir at Allstars Escorts. She hit the ground running when she joined the agency and took on bookings left right and centre; getting excellent comments from everyone who booked her. She’s dedicated to her appearance and always looks her best. Again, highly professional and highly recommended!

24 hour elite outcall London escorts

So just when you thought Allstars Escorts couldn’t get any better, we top it! You now have a choice of elite escorts, as well as all the regular girls. Great new price structure too. We’re on the up and up gents. Stick with Allstars and we’ll see you alright!

New rates system at Allstars Escorts

escortsWe’d like to take this opportunity to tell you about a new system at the agency. We’ve changed the booking system to try our best to give the very best service to our escorts and to our clients. You can see more about it on our rates page.

The short version

The short version is that basically, you’re going to get a better deal if you pre-book with at least 2 hours notice. This is better for the girls and it’s easier for us so we can arrange the girls getting to you etc. and they know what their evening plans are. It’s better for you because you continue to enjoy the great rates at Allstars Escorts for yet another year, without having to pay extra!

The rates

The rates are dependent on the time of day or night you book too, as well as whether or not you have pre booked. But you will be glad to hear that even if you haven’t pre booked your escorts, you won’t be paying any extra charges any longer. It’s just a standard rate: 7am – 7pm will be charged at £200 (no extra charges) and between the hours of 7pm – 7am just £150 (no extra charges!). Still by far one of the cheapest outcall escorts experiences you’re ever likely to get in London!

Pre-booking gets you escorts for just £100!

The great news for our regulars is that you’re still going to get the best deals if you pre-book between 19.00-07.00. At this time, with a minimum of 2 hours notices, you’ll be getting your girls at £100 +travel; and remember, that’s an outcall service! You seriously won’t get it any better than that!

So call Allstars Escorts at your convenience and let us set you up with one of our stunning young escorts when it suits you. Remember that we can get them to you 24 hours a day!

Wishing you a Happy New Year with Professional London escorts

London escortsIt’s already 2018 and you’ve all decided to come here to look at our delightful selection of London escorts! Who could blame you. Start the year as you mean to go on gentlemen, that’s what we say. And what would London be without a gorgeous woman on your arm; wherever you happen to be.

London escorts for hotels all over the city

Our outcall specialist London escorts have been in the business long enough to know how to handle themselves. You can count on their utmost professionalism and their discretion at all times. They know exactly how to negotiate their way to you, and if you have any problems, all you need to do is call us on the phone and we’ll sort it out. It may be that you need to meet them in the lobby, or call down to give permission for them to visit you (at selected hotels), but take it from us when we tell you that, no-one really cares or notices a truly professional London escort coming and going. They’re like ninjas!

Another thing about the girls at Allstars Escorts is that they are prepared to travel to and stay with you at a much wider, much more diverse range of hotels across the city. And not just Central London either; these girls will travel around Greater London to be with you and make your night. They’ve even been known to travel into the Home Counties for a client (call for details about this and to discuss your distance etc.)

Book with confidence

With Allstars Escorts, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re staying at The Dorchester, or the Holiday Inn, we’ll find a girl who can get to you promptly and take care of your companionship needs in less than a hour in most cases. We specialise in short notice bookings as well as pre-booked appointments. Our London escorts are here for you 24 hours a day!