Gentlemen’s entertainment in London City!

Isn’t it time that you lot who work in The City had some fun for a change? Today we’re going to tell you all about another of our favourite places for adult entertainment in London. Not only is it one of our favourite places, it’s also a very affordable place to get your adult entertainment, in much the same way as our very own London escorts. We have some of the cheapest girls, and the most elite in London. Since our expansion into the higher end of the business, we’ve managed to attract a hell of a lot of new girls to the agency. Go and take a look at our gallery and see for yourself. You should find the perfect escort.

Browns strip pub

Browns has been a London institution for many years. Located along Shoreditch high street, on the crossroads, it’s clear to see and has become somewhat of a local landmark! They seem to retain the name “strip pub” rather than “club” because it manages to keep that pub feel about it. The first person you will be greeted by when you go and see it for yourself will be the security guy on the door, who is usually as British as a bulldog, and very friendly. He’ll tell you that there’s “no touch” and “no photography” etc. and then you’re in.

Inside you’ll find Browns to be very spacious indeed. The décor is nicely done and tasteful, furniture is sparse, but nice, and the drink prices are in line with most other London pubs. They have TVs on the wall showing football games and such, but we’re not entirely sure why they’re there! Not when there are loads of beautiful girls dancing and working the crowd, so to speak.

Working the crowd

This is a place where the girls will work the crowd. What we mean by this is that in much the same way as an escort will make you feel good about yourself by being attentive and affectionate, these girls will do the same. The difference of course is that they’ll only really be this tactile and affectionate with you until such a time as you tell her you do want a private dance, or you don’t want one. We suggest you string it out as long as you can, because they really are nice company.

Of course the main reason they “work the crowd” is to gather their money. The girl who is about to go on the stage and strut her stuff, will be walking among the clientele asking them for a pound to contribute to the dance. If the place is busy, then there will be a lot of money in her glass before she goes on and she’ll be very happy. This is mostly how the girls make their money. They get the rest from the private dances, but we expect that they will have to pay the pub a certain amount each time they’re at work too; but we couldn’t comment on that really.

The dances

The dances are very good quality indeed. We believe that Browns must really check the girls’ ability before they hire them to work the pub. Each and every one of them has clearly been dancing for a while, or they have some form of formal training in that area. It’s not a simple case of them leaning against the pole and bending over etc. without their knickers on. These girls really get up on the pole and show you what they can do. It’s worth noting that you may get an escort at Allstars who has extensive experience in dance.


Overall a great place to go and meet some wonderfully beautiful young women. You won’t get to take them home however! That’s where we come in handy. If you’re having an evening out at Browns, make sure you call us before you get home or at your earliest convenience, and we’ll have a beautiful, reasonably priced London escort to your door in no time at all!

Better to get an outcall than a dodgy incall!

incall London escortsIt’s time we told it like it was. There are loads of London escort agencies in our capital, but they’re not all they say they are. It’s all very well having an agency that can offer incall and outcall services, but if those services are substandard then it doesn’t make any difference does it? You can have all these features and options, but they’ve all got to be good.

Incall London escorts

There are incall girls out there that really shouldn’t be offering incall services to be honest. This is because they’re in dodgy areas if we’re telling the truth. Not Central London of course, there aren’t many dodgy areas here (well less at least). But when you start looking for incall London escorts in the Greater London area, you may find yourself turning up to some pretty rough looking apartments in areas where you may not feel safe parking your car

No-one wants to feel unsafe or even go to apartments that aren’t as classy as they’d like. Better to get an outcall!

Better to get an outcall

It is indeed better to get an outcall when it’s like this. Like we said, it’s not all as bad as this, but isn’t it better to get an outcall when you’re in the relative safety of your own home or hotel? This is the reason we only offer outcall services. The girls we have outside of Central London, do not have great apartments for incalls. They’re not too bad for sure, but we wouldn’t send our most discerning clients there for a booking. Until such a time as our girls have appropriate locations for incalls, we will never offer them. It’s as simple as that.

And we don’t want to go and recruit a load more different girls, simply because we have gotten very used to the girls we already have and we love working with them. And we know you love being with them.

So forget all about incall London escorts and get yourself an outcall from the most professional outcall agency in the city!

Escort to your home

escort to your homeIt’s a fact that there are many of you out there who believe that London escorts only offer incall services, or outcall services to hotels. This is a mistake. Most truly professional agencies are happy to send an escort to your home too. The girls are all happy to do this and they do it all the time.

Carefully selected girls

It’s actually part of our selection process. We won’t represent any girl who isn’t happy to go to a client’s home as well as to a hotel. It seems silly to us to represent girls that won’t go one place, but will another. It becomes confusing for our clients and then they go elsewhere to a more professional agency. Allstars is a highly professional agency and when we say we are exclusively outcall, that means for sure you can get an escort to your home.

Why book an escort to your home?

It’s often a nice choice if you’re a little nervous about going to incall bookings, or having to pay for a hotel just to see a girl. It can become very expensive if you go to a hotel. Obviously it’s a necessity if you’re in a relationship and you’re keeping things quiet, but if you’re not and you don’t have neighbours who care what you get up to, get an escort to your home instead.

It’s actually a lot more relaxing for you when you know where you are and that you’re having company over. You know where everything is, you can easily fix yourself and your companion a drink etc. and everything feels so much safer and more discreet. When you’re at someone else’s apartment it can feel as though you don’t know who may come in, or who is already in the apartment etc. It’s never fully relaxing is it?

If you like the idea of having these girls coming to your home, where you feel relaxed and prepared to entertain, then go and browse our available gallery and choose your date!

Get your girls for a fraction of the price

cheap London escortsEscorts don’t have to be expensive. Allstars have long been known for offering the very best cheap London escorts, and we’d like this reputation to continue. This in despite of the fact that we do have girls a little more expensive. However the girls who are “cheaper” are a little more expensive during “peek times”.

Cheap London escorts are still quality

Another myth that needs debunking constantly. In fact we get quite bored with telling people all the time that just because you book a cheaper girl, it doesn’t mean you’re going to get a “cheap” service!

If our girls can offer the same service for different prices, at different times, then they can’t be offering a “cheap” service can they? They always offer a great service, it’s just that sometimes you get it at a discount rate; that’s all there is to it! Make sure you check the girls profiles for their prices and the times you should book them.

Book at the right time to get the best deals

Our cheap London escorts need to work, just the same as anyone else. So they will do bookings for less during their quiet times. We have “revamped” the fee structure at Allstars Escorts lately and we think it’s a much fairer system. And since we’ve also started to represent elite escorts, it has helped us to differentiate between the girls too.

We are always confident that you will have a wonderful time with our girls. The cheap London escorts will always have your interests at heart, and the elite escorts will always go the “extra mile” when you need them to. We have it all sorted out for you. All you have to do is choose which one you like the look of!

Book now with Allstars Escorts for the time of your life

The girls are dressing up for action!

London escortsSome of you are under the impression that London escorts don’t always dress up to impress. Perhaps some of you have had negative experiences in the past with other agencies or independent girls. We’re here today to reassure you that this isn’t the type of thing you can expect from Allstars Escorts.

Our London escorts go shopping!

They do indeed! What else do you think they do with all that money they’ve been earning? We don’t get that much of it for getting them bookings you know! They love to shop, and when they do shop, they don’t shop in the crappy stores. These are the type of girls who can afford to cover their bodies with designer dresses and lingerie you know.

Do you like your London escorts in the finest Agent Provocateur lingerie? Well if you do, our Elite London escorts are the ones you want to be booking. These are among the classiest women in London and they always look their very best. They do this for every client, no matter where they’re going. Restaurants, bars, hotels, or even to your home address. They’ll still look fantastic!

Requests are taken

If you have any requests for what the girls should wear when they come out to you, wherever you are, please do make this known to us when you call to book. We are always happy to pass on your requests to the girls, and we are confident that they’ll be able to accommodate your needs and desires. Perhaps you like short and sexy cocktail dresses with heels and stockings? Or low cut dresses that show off plenty of cleavage? Perhaps you have a favourite colour you’d like our London escorts to wear? It’s all up to you, just let us know!

Call Allstars Escorts and realise your dreams!

Is it too hot for booking escorts?

booking escortsYou’re kidding right? What kind of a questions is that? It might well seem too hot to do much at all this summer, but it’s never too hot for  booking escorts! If anything, the summer is our busiest time of the year. The girls do really well in the summer and make a fortune!

Professional escorts

The beauty of booking escorts is that they’re used to this career all year around. They don’t let a little hot weather put them off. They keep themselves cool and hydrated at all times when they’re shooting across the city to be with their clients. Yes, they keep their fingers crossed that the air conditioning will be working in their clients’ hotel rooms. Or at least they hope their clients have fans or something to keep the room cool. But they don’t lose any sleep over it and just get on with their job, none the less. That’s a truly professional woman!

The hot weather is a massive turn on

It really is! The girls are more turned on than ever, and we certainly know you guys are because you’re all calling us as soon as the sun comes out the play! It must be all the girls in the street wearing next to nothing that’s setting you all off right? Well, whatever it is, we’re not complaining at all!

Booking escorts from Allstars

Booking escorts from Allstars has never been easier. You simply call and tell us who you want, and where and when you want them! And for an added bonus, you get the girls cheaper if you pre-book! So you see, we really do have your best interests at heart. We want to be the “go to” agency in London for outcall services (both elite and the more budget options). We think we’re doing alright so far!

Our escorts do like coffee you know

escortIt’s a little known fact that escorts like a lot more than going out to fancy restaurants, wine bars and cocktail bars. These are real women that have a vast and varied amount of interests. If you are a hobbyist on a mission to try and shake up your escort lifestyle, why not try a different type of date with your escort?

Have an escort date in a coffee shop

There are loads of different types of coffee shops in London. So many that it would be futile to list even a good number of them here. If you live and/or work here, you’ll know this anyway. We’re pretty sure that you have some favourites that you already frequent, but if you’re short of ideas, Google is your friend as always!

An escort doesn’t require any kind of special treatment at all. Whilst we appreciate that some of you may be nervous, or even intimidated by the presence of a beautiful young woman, you really needn’t be. And you needn’t do too much to try and impress them. Believe us when we say that as long as you’re kind and attentive, they’ll be very impressed indeed. Really no need to be something you’re not.

The perfect meet up

This is why a coffee shop escort meeting is such a great idea. You’re both in an intimate environment where you can hear each other speak. You can see each other clearly and have a real conversation over some really nice coffee. You can order two cups if you like, and even some cake. The girls love cake!

It’s also the perfect meet up for anyone who is apprehensive about inviting an escort to their apartment or hotel. If you agree to meet in a coffee shop first, then you can get to know the girl you have booked an feel more comfortable taking her back to your place. It’s worth thinking about guys, and it’s highly original!


Make Friday 13th Lucky with an escort experience in London

escort experienceFed up with all the hype about Friday 13th? It’s not as though a mass murderer is going to rise from an ancient lake and kill everyone is it? Did you know that there are some people who won’t even go outside today? That’s pretty crazy if you ask us! Besides, there’s so much you can do to make Friday 13th better. You can start by booking yourself an escort experience from Allstars!

Allstars escort experience

An Allstars experience is a little different to many agencies. We only offer outcall girls of course, and this is a problem to some people. It really shouldn’t be though, because our outcall service is widely considered to be the best in the city if you ask our regular clients. We don’t just offer cheap escorts you see (like we used to). Now we offer an elite outcall escort experience too. And this is what’s making the headlines with our clients at the moment. You’d be amazed at how many of our regulars from old have “upgraded,” so to speak, for our elite packages!

Turn your Friday 13th lucky with an elite escort experience

They’re not as expensive as you might think you know. You should go along to the elite escort gallery and take a look at the girls and their fees. You may be very pleasantly surprised with what you find. Simone (pictured above) for example, only charges £300 an hour! And this is for an “elite” experience gents, so you can make of that what you will. What you should take away from this is that you won’t get any other elite escorts in London offering their services at this price! Especially for an outcall booking (and we do nothing but outcalls!)

So go ahead and make your day the luckiest day ever with Allstars Escorts. You’ll never regret a moment of your escort experience!

What are you waiting for? Christmas?

It’s never a bad time to book a London escort. If you’re in London and you feel the need for some female company, just do it! That’s what these ladies are here for you know. It’s no good trying to justify it with yourself, and questions whether it’s right or wrong. Whether or not you can afford it, whether your wife will find out, whether you’ll have a good time etc. The list could go on forever. You know what? You only live once gentlemen, and if you have a couple of hundred quid in your pocket that no-one is going to miss too much, pick up the phone and call!

Outcall London escort to your place in no time

Allstars Escorts will have a London escort at your hotel room door in under an hour in most cases. We have an excellent record of getting to you on time, and we will always let you know if there is a problem. So you need to stop thinking so much and take some action fellas! The girl of your dreams is only a phone call away. Go and check out all the girls available today now!

Pre-booking can be a lot cheaper

If money is actually an issue to you, then try your best to pre book your London escort. If you check out the rates on each of the girls’ pages you’ll see that there is a reduced fee for pre booking. This is because she’d rather know that she has some jobs to do and let you have it a little cheaper, than suddenly have to rush around like a loony to get ready for you! It’s not rocket science! And she’s also able to arrange her driver much easier. He’ll come and collect her and drop her off to your place, and then return later to bring her back. She’s also better able to organise other bookings around yours too, so she and her driver can save time and money by scheduling trips that coincide.

People are essentially good

London escortsIt’s not easy being in London, living and working here. We are conditioned somewhat to distrust others and restrict our communications. We keep our interactions with others to the minimum bare necessities. No-one talks on the tube, no-one says good morning etc. and this is why Londoners have been given such a bad reputation as being miserable and a bit grim. But the reality is very different with these people. If you’ve ever booked London escorts from us before, you’ll know how friendly they are!

The reality

Just try this for us. Talk to someone about something other than a restaurant order. If you’re visiting London, and you’ve been here before a while ago, talk about that and how it’s changed. Ask them something about where you are, smile and be an approachable person. We are pretty sure that once you coax the Londoner to interact with you, and they realise you are actually not creepy, they’ll be truly friendly. That’s just an example of course. You don’t have to do it like we just said, try your own way. But if you’re going to take anything away from this blog, let it be not to be afraid to speak to people.

Here’s an example for you. Recently we were sitting in a cafe in the Earls Court area, strangely enough with a couple of our London escorts. We overhead a conversation between a customer and the proprietor. The customer paid the bill and they were about to leave when something stopped him. He turned back to the proprietor and told her what a lovely cafe she had. The customer went on to say that it wasn’t their first time at that establishment, which is why he returned. He commented on the music, the atmosphere and the food. And low and behold, a conversation began. By the time it was over, both parties were smiling and they had made each other’s morning that much better.

London escorts can help too!

So you see, in the words of the great Bob Hoskins, when he used to do those old BT television commercials: “It’s good to talk.” You are forgiven if you’re not old enough to remember those! And don’t forget you can always brush up on your social skills with one of our London escorts. Those beautiful creatures will always be pleased to see you, wherever you are in London. And they are very susceptible to flattery (Just so you know!)